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Kids Special Rates

Julie Dass’s daughter, (Jess aged 9) came up with the idea of children should only pay their age in 2012. During a visit to the Olympics in London where the tickets were also based on their age, Jess innocently said you should do that in your clinic . This concept has proved very popular and allows parents to book their children in for injury care witout worrying about the cost.

During the initial consultation, their medical history is recorded and their height and weight are measured so we can keep on eye on their growth rates. Children are encouraged to learn and understand the cause of their injury. Sheets are provided in children’s layman terms with stretches and a diary to record their activities.

Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult/guardian. If a parent wishes not to be present, they must sign a disclaimer to allow the therapist to be with their child.


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