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Fran Stone

Fran Stone BALaw, MNIMH, GHR, CNHC – Business Owner of Thyme for YOUR Health



I integrate my training in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness to provide a truly holistic and natural treatment to address your emotional and physical needs. Your treatment will be tailored to your unique health needs.

Living well is more than not being ill. Don’t wait for disease to arrive, make changes now to stay well. Look after your health naturally.

Lack of vital nutrition, stress, insufficient sleep and negative emotions are major modifiable factors that impact on your health.

You need to eat well, sleep well, be positive and enjoy life to be well. Making sure you are eating everything your body needs and looking after yourself emotionally, no matter what is going on in your life, will improve your health and happiness.

You should start every day feeling positive and energised.

I studied Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness because, as the research shows, the connection between the body and emotions is so strong that it is almost impossible to heal one without treating the other.

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness practice enables you to develop healthy responses to stress and anxiety and creates a wonderful space in your mind where you can discover just how much potential you have for fulfilling your dreams and staying healthy. I was a Family Law solicitor for over 25 years and I saw time and time again, the devastating effect that distress and conflict has on the body and mind.

Nutrition and herbal medicine can rebalance the body so that it can get back to being healthy.

Don’t let ill-health define you and certainly don’t settle for stress, lack of sleep or low mood. Expect the best for yourself.

How does nutrition and herbal medicine fight disease?

Herbal medicine can be used to treat almost all the conditions you would take to your GP. Nutritional changes can modify and prevent many conditions.

80% of the immune systems depends upon good digestive health. That’s how important your diet is. Mood is influenced by the health of the gut. The food you eat is the key to your health. We eat at least 3 times a day which gives us at least three opportunities each day to give our body what it needs. Plants have chemicals in them that we use as drugs. Herbal medicine uses the natural ingredients from the plants, without laboratory interference. Drug companies use many plants as the basis to artificially synthesise conventional medicines, often causing side effects and long-term health problems. Herbal medicine treats the primary source of disease naturally and organically allowing recovery at a deeply cellular level rather than suppressing symptoms but overlooking their cause.

How do Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness help you?

Every negative thought and experience is stored deep in our subconscious, chipping away at confidence and creativity and making it difficult to make positive changes. Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness are powerful practices which enable you to let go of old habits that may be holding you back, so you can achieve your goals and live well.


The Eat Well: Be Well 2 month weight loss course

This highly successful weight loss, healthy eating and motivation programme is specially designed to run over 2 months and combines healthy eating with hypnotherapy for motivation, nutritional advice and herbal medicine to enable you to achieve a healthy weight and relationship with food for life. The details of the program are tailored to suit your needs. Included is NutriAdvanced 30 day package which includes vitamins, minerals and Ultrameals, to get you started, plus meal suggestions and recipes.

First appointment of 1 – 1.5 hours,                                             £50.00

Repeats of herbal medicine prescription can be made for 6 months without further appointment provided we have telephone or email contact.

follow-up of 30 mins (nutrition or medical)                         £30.00

follow-up of 45 mins  (hypnotherapy or mindfulness)     £45.00

HbA1c finger prick pre / Diabetes test                                     £10.00

Hair testing for mineral and vitamin deficiency can be arranged with external providers

Eat Well:Be Well 12 week weight loss programme             £250.00

Herbal medicine prescription per week                                            £7.00

Mindfulness group 8 week course                                                     £50.00

Drop-in mindfulness sessions                                                               £7.00

Neal’s Yard products available through my website

Please let me know if your financial circumstances are such that you would like to discuss concessions with regard to the costs listed above. In order to ensure that health care is available to all and to support this I offer concessions when possible.

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