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Professional services include:

  • Micro Blading
  • ¬†Mesotherapy Facials
  • Cincelar+ Fat dissolving Injections
  • Vitamin B12 Injections


Micro Blading

Semi permanent brow artist specialising in natural looking hair stroke eyebrows. I have successfully treated clients with alopecia, women with over plucked eyebrows and those desiring a bespoke, fuller and thicker brow.

I create colour matching, hair-like stokes to create the perfect shaped eyebrow so you can wake up with make up each morning.



Mesotherapy Facials

A safe and natural alternative to invasive procedures. this process slightly breaks the skin with a very fine needle to nourish and rejuvenate, promoting the production of collagen and strengthen elastin fibres with

a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and botanicals. A perfect treatment for dull/dehydrated skin that needs a boost and glow from within.

Cincelar+ Fat dissolving Injections

are the most innovative and effective of all products currently on the market. It is designed to reduce unwanted fat through its unique formula of deoxycholic acid.

This treatment creates defined yet natural facial and body contouring and also helps to tighten and smooth the treated area of skin.


Vitamin B12 Injections

An injection of Vitamin B12 delivers a much higher level of absorption than an oral supplement and offers fast results.


My clinic is professional and fully insured and based in The Stables Therapy Centre with ample parking and a waiting room.

Please contact me to discuss your brows and arrange your free consultation on 07547 730760.

Thank you!

Sarah x

The prefect pre-draw will determine your perfect brow


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