The Stables Therapy Centre offer Pregnancy massage from 12 weeks until full term. Throughout pregnancy the body goes through many changes, which include postural and hormonal changes, therefore putting stress on the body. In the later stages of pregnancy you may find that you have more aches, pains and swelling. Please check with your doctor/midwife to make sure massage is advisable in your pregnancy before booking, the therapist will also provide you with a detailed consultation. During your pregnancy massage the therapist will massage in a side lying position with pillows placed between the legs, under the abdomen, breasts and under the head this will allow for better support and comfort during the massage.

 These following conditions can be helped:

  • Back Pain – relieves tension within the muscles.
  • Symphysis Pubis Syndrome or Pelvic Girdle Pain – relieves discomfort and pain due to the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormones endorphins.
  • Sciatica – help release the muscle(s) causing compression on the nerve.
  • Headaches – relieves stress/tension headache by relieving tension in the neck and shoulder which improves circulation

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

    • Ease back pain


    • Ease hip/pelvic pain and symptoms of SPD and sciatica


    • Reduces the appearance of swollen ankles


    • Helps fight fatigue and encourage well-being


    • Improves sleep


    • Relaxation


    • Increases flexibility


    • Pain relief


    • Preparation for birth


  • Improves circulation

Pregnancy Massage Prices

30 mins -£25

45 mins – £30

1 hour – £40

Please contact Maggie direct on

07581 496973

to make an appointment