A deep massage to relieve stress and tension build up in your muscles. Ideal for sports persons before or after an event or on a maintenance basis throughout training.

Massage is thought to relax muscles, and ultimately help to increase joint flexibility by reducing tension of muscles. It has also been proven to improve the stretch of connective tissue. Massage involves various strokes such as, effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and frictions all developed from Swiss massage.

There are many effects of massage; one of the main effects of deep massage is the increase in temperature, improving flexibility and reducing muscular tightness. Massage may help to rearrange muscle fibres and increase circulation. The realignment of fibres helps to reduce muscle spasm and helps to reduce the pressure on blood vessels.

Lower Body Massage, full legs

30 minutes                          £25.00
45 minutes                          £30.00

Upper Body inc. Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 minutes                          £27.00
45 minutes                          £32.00

Full Body Massage
60 minutes                          £40.00