Sports Therapy
30 mins - £30 45 mins - £45 60 mins - £55
Sports Therapy

What is the difference between physiotherapy and Sports therapy, essentially they over lap a lot, the main difference is physio are experts in movement and Sports therapy are experts in muscles and soft tissue.

Sports Therapy treatment utilises sports and exercise principles to optimise performance and injury prevention.A very “hands’ on approach to assess, treat and rehabilitate an injury.

Julie Dass and her team will help you on your journey back to sport or a normal working life, patient therapists who care about your pain and will work together as a team to provide a solution to your injury, no matter how big or small. Rehabilitation programmes will be individually prerpared to prevent further injury.



Sports Massage
30 mins - £30 45 mins - £45 60 mins - £55
Sports Massage

An invigorating massage to relieve tension, muscular pain and stiff and tight muscles. After the massage the muscles feel relaxed, an increase in range of motion and leads to enhanced performance.

Sports Massage is like giving your body a service”, we recommend every 4 – 6 weeks to prevent injuries and discomfort due to over use.


You can choose whether it be legs after a game or sporting activity, or neck and shoulders after long hours at a desk, or hands, wrists and forearms after manual work.

We also offer a combination lymphatic drainage massage septic for long term medical conditions including fibromyalgia, polymyalgia and arthritic conditions.


Concession Rates - Sports Therapy / Sports Massage
30 mins - £28 45 mins - £40 60 mins - £50
We offer concession rates for armed forces and their families, teachers, nurses, fire service, ambulance and police.


Pensioners and students.


Sports Therapy should be accessible for all, regardless of income, a little discount can go a long way.




Children up to 18 also receive a discount


30 min session- £25              45 min session – £30.          60 min session – £40



All the options are clearly marked in the online booking platform